Collaborative Law Solicitors in South Wales

At hpjv solicitors we totally understand that when a marriage or civil partnership has broken down that financial arrangements cause most of the worry for you and uncertainty for your financial future. We also appreciate that much concern is caused by uncertainty and worry of the legal cost of putting things right.

Fixed Fee Mediation & Collaborative Law

At hpjv solicitors we offer fixed fees which ensure you have clarity on what you will be expected to pay during the legal process. We always consider alternative ways of resolving your problems but without reducing the likelihood of achieving the best outcome for you. The alternatives we consider are Mediation and Collaborative law.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a genuine and viable alternative to what can be lengthy and stressful proceedings. The is to achieve a settlement through negotiation and agreement in a calm atmosphere and without the need to attend Court should an agreement fail through the usual negotiation process. The aim of Collaborative Law is to reach an amicable outcome through face to face meetings with you and your partner in the presence of your legal team.


Mediation is another way of resolving disputes with your partner, spouse, civil partner outside of Court proceedings. The process involves you being referred to a trained mediator who is approved by us and who makes sure that you can discuss matters with them in the presence of your ex-partner or in another room.

Shuttle Mediation

This type of Mediation is often called Shuttle Mediation. The key aim is to secure agreement and settlement through open negotiation and discussion, which is free from tension and outside pressure. For those who are keen to secure an agreement, whether regarding the children or financial or other matters that stem from your separation, then Mediation can be an effective method of resolving issues. It can maintain amicable relationships between ex-partners, which is crucial where children are involved, and can save time and legal fees by avoiding Court hearings.

At hpjv solicitors our family team always consider alternatives to pursuing legal proceedings as we are keen to preserve already fragile relationships and keep legal fees to a minimum. We will consider what options are best for you when guiding you through the legal process.

Should you like to find out more about Collaborative Law & Mediation, the process and how our specialist team in CardiffNewport or Chepstow can help then please contact us.

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