Domestic Violence Solicitors in South Wales

At hpjv solicitors we understand that domestic abuse is all too common and on the increase. Domestic abuse is often a hidden crime which occurs mainly within the family home behind closed doors and is often not reported or disclosed to the police or other family members. We appreciate that the victims of abuse can be men and women of all ages and backgrounds and in all types of relationships.

Our friendly and discreet team of domestic violence solicitors are on hand to help anyone who is experiencing or has experienced domestic violence, whether it be by a partner, a former partner or a relative.

Domestic abuse is never your fault and you have the right to feel safe in your own home. We can help you access a range of legal options to protect you and your children, including Non-Molestation Orders (Injunctions) and Occupation Orders.

We can offer new clients a Free First Consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help. Victims of domestic violence are usually eligible for Legal Aid which can cover some of your legal fees and we will provide information about this and other flexible payment options at your first consultation.

We are proud to be a legal services partner of FLOWS (Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors) an independent organisation created to protect women against domestic abuse in England and Wales.

We operate a strict policy of client confidentiality meaning we will never disclose what you have told us to anyone else unless you directly ask us to (for example, to refer you to a support service such as Women’s Aid or Men’s Advice Line).

For further information or to set up your Free First Consultation, get in touch with our domestic abuse solicitors in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow by giving us a call or emailing

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse, also known as domestic violence, can include a range of behaviours that one person may inflict upon another. This can include not only physical but emotional, sexual and financial abuse in couple relationships but also between family relationships.

A person who is a victim of domestic abuse is not at fault even if the abuser may lead you to believe this. When someone tries to get you to believe that you are at fault for their abusive behaviours, it is called gaslighting.

What we can do to help

Our lawyers are always understanding and sympathetic when asked to advise and help you in such matters, whether it be for just an initial meeting or whether to advise you on the appropriate action to take to protect yourself and where necessary, your children.

All appointments are held in the strictest confidence as we appreciate that this is a very difficult issue to talk about to others. Our lawyers are friendly and approachable and understand that you will not only require legal advice on what to do next but advice on the practical steps that you will need to take.

The range of legal orders and remedies that we can provide advice on include:

  • Non-Molestation Orders (Injunctions) – to prevent someone from using or threatening violence or from approaching you, your children or your home. Breach of an Injunction means you can call the police who will have the power to immediately arrest the abuser
  • Occupation Orders – to ban someone from living in your home for a period of time, even if they own the property. Again, the police can arrest the abuser if they breach the Order
  • Protection from harassment – to prevent someone from doing things that make you feel distressed, scared, humiliated and/or threatened, such as:
    • Unwanted phone calls or visits
    • Stalking
    • Online bullying
    • Verbal abuse
    • Damaging your property

You may be able to get a court order even if the police have previously told you that they cannot take criminal action.

Our family lawyers can also help you with all associated family law issues, such as:

We are members of the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation scheme and the Children Law Accreditation scheme for our skills and expertise across all areas of family law.

We are a legal services partner of FLOWS

We are proud to be a legal services partner of FLOWS (Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors), an independent organisation that works to protect women against domestic abuse in England and Wales.

As part of the FLOWS network, we work tirelessly to ensure every woman gets the best possible legal support whenever they need it. Our lawyers have been fully vetted and recognised for their expertise in helping women access legal protections.

Domestic violence help and support services

We will point you in the right direction and make referrals to organisations such as Women’s Aid and Men’s Advice Line for any additional support and guidance that you require. The aim is to protect you and any children from future harm.

Get in touch with our domestic abuse solicitors in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow, South Wales

Whatever the type, frequency or level of abuse you may be suffering, we would encourage you not to suffer in silence and to contact one of our family law solicitors in Cardiff, Newport or Chepstow for a Free First Consultation so that we can offer you guidance on how to change your situation.

As this is a difficult subject to deal with, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Domestic violence FAQs

What are the signs of domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse covers all kinds of behaviours. As mentioned above, it is not only limited to physical behaviours, such as hitting, punching, throwing or kicking, but can also cover behaviours such as:

  • Emotional abuse (mental abuse) – threats, gaslighting, manipulation, intimidation
  • Verbal abuse – shouting, insults, regular or constant criticism, threats of physical or sexual violence
  • Sexual abuse – forcing someone to do sexual acts without their consent, sharing sexual messages, images or videos of someone without their consent (revenge porn)
  • Financial abuse – controlling someone’s money, refusing access to bank accounts etc
  • Coercive control – a pattern of behaviour that is intimidating, humiliating, degrading and/or controlling, often involving isolation and threats of physical or sexual violence

Why should I seek Legal Advice for domestic abuse and see a solicitor?

If you are experiencing behaviour amounting to domestic abuse or if you are unsure, then obtaining legal advice is key so that a lawyer can advise you on what action you can take. This action can be immediate if necessary to protect you and your children.

This may include a warning letter being sent to your partner “warning“ them of the implications of further abusive behaviour against you or securing a court order to prevent them from threatening or communicating with you or attending your home.

What is an Injunction Order?

An Injunction Order or Non-Molestation Order is a court order granted by the Family Court which prevents a person from acting in a particular way towards another. Such an Order can be obtained to prevent your ex-partner from harassing, threatening or using violence against you.

The aim of an Order is to provide protection from further abuse. If the Order is breached, then the person who is subject to the Order could be arrested by the police.

These Orders can be obtained on an urgent basis without giving notice to the abuser, where the victim requires immediate protection.

What is an Occupation Order?

An Occupation Order is another type of Court Order granted by the Family Court. Such Court Orders are essential should you need protection within your home and to remove an abusive partner from the property for you and (if you have any) your children’s safety.

Such orders can be secured to enable you to remain living in your home whilst excluding your abuser. The Court would not exclude someone from their property unless there was a real need to do so and in order to protect you from significant harm. Such orders are tailored to meet your individual needs.

How much will my legal fees be to get advice about domestic abuse?

We offer a Free First Consultation where we can offer guidance on what action you should take. If you wish for us to help you then we will discuss fixed fee options with you and advise you on the potential costs.

Legal Aid can be available in cases of Domestic Abuse. We will assess whether you are entitled to Legal Aid and the possibility that some help with your legal fees will be available.

Get in touch with our domestic abuse solicitors in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow, South Wales

For further information or to set up your Free First Consultation, get in touch with our domestic abuse solicitors in Cardiff, Newport or Chepstow by giving us a call or emailing


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