Domestic Violence FAQs

Why should I seek Legal Advice for Domestic Abuse and see a solicitor?

If you are experiencing behaviour amounting to domestic abuse or if you are unsure, then obtaining legal advice is key so that a lawyer can advise you on what action can be taken, immediately if necessary, to protect you and your children. This may include a warning letter being sent to your partner “warning“ them of the implications of further abusive behaviour against you, or securing a Court Order to prevent them from threatening or communicating with you or attending your home.

What is an Injunction Order?

An Injunction Order or Non-Molestation Order is a Court Order granted by the Family Court which prevents a person from acting in a particular way towards another. Such an Order can be obtained to prevent your ex-partner from harassing, threatening or using violence against you. The aim of an Order is to provide protection from further abuse. If the Order is breached, then the person who is subject to the Order, could be arrested by the police.

These Orders can be obtained on an urgent basis without giving notice to the abuser, where the victim requires immediate protection.

What is an Occupation Order?

An Occupation Order is another type of Court Order granted by the Family Court. Such Court Orders are essential should you need protection within your home and to secure the removal of an abusive partner from the property for your, and if applicable, your children’s safety. Such Orders can be secured to enable you to remain living in your home whilst excluding your abuser. The Court would not exclude someone from their property unless there was a real need to do so and in order to protect you from significant harm. Such Orders are tailored to meet your individual needs.

How much will my legal fees be to take advice?

We offer a Free First Consultation where we can offer guidance on what action you should take. If you wish for us to help you then we will discuss fixed fee options with you and advise you on the potential costs.

Legal Aid can be available in cases of Domestic Abuse. We will assess whether you are entitled to Legal Aid and the possibility that some help with your legal fees will be available.

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