Wills and Probate Solicitors in South Wales

Many of us delay planning for our future and the future of our families until it’s too late, leaving our loved ones in a very difficult and upsetting situation.

Or we find ourselves tasked with sorting out the estate of a loved one who has passed away, which can be a confusing and intimidating thing to deal with at an already difficult time.

At hpjv solicitors, we have seen time and again the challenges people are faced with when making a Will, dealing with probate or thinking about related issues, such as how their affairs will be managed if they lose the ability to do this themselves. We know the difference good legal advice given at the right time can make, both to you and your loved ones.

Our Wills & probate solicitors in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow can help you with everything from making a Will or setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney to administering the estate of a loved one who has passed away.

We know how daunting these issues can be, so aim to offer friendly, practical support, delivered with clear communication in plain English. That way, you can be confident that your needs and those of your loved ones will be accounted for, no matter what the future brings. 


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How we can help you with Wills & probate

Our lawyers support people with all aspects of Wills, probate and related issues across South Wales.

Our friendly, expert team can assist you with:

Common questions about Wills & probate

How do you make sure a Will is legal?

For a Will to be legally valid, the following must apply:

  • The person making the Will (the ‘testator’) must be 18 or over
  • The testator must make the Will voluntary
  • The testator must be of sound mind
  • The Will must be in writing
  • The Will must be signed in the presence of two witness, both aged 18 or over
  • The two witnesses must sign the Will in the presence of the testator
  • Neither the witnesses nor their spouses/civil partners should be beneficiaries of the Will

While it is not required, it is also a good idea to make sure the Will is dated as this can help to avoid any confusion over which is the most recent version of your Will.

What happens if someone dies without leaving a Will?

When someone dies without leaving a valid Will, they are referred to as having died ‘intestate’. Their estate will be divided according to the standards rules of intestacy, set by the UK government.

Exactly who inherits what will depend on various factors, including the size of the estate and what living relatives the deceased has. Generally, spouses and civil partners receive the highest priority, followed by children and then other relatives, such as parents, siblings and grandparents.

How long does probate take?

There is no set timescale for probate, but most estates can be dealt with in around 3-12 months. The complexity of the estate, number of beneficiaries and any specific issues that need to be dealt with, such as selling property, will all affect how long the overall process takes.

Why choose us for Wills & probate?

At hpjv solicitors we pride ourselves in being able to provide a sympathetic, professional and competitively priced service to all our clients, whatever their circumstances or needs.

Client Care is one of our Core Values: we recognise that each and every client is a unique individual with unique requirements and we will do our very best to make sure we help you choose the best options for your needs and circumstances.

Our Wills and probate lawyers in Newport, Chepstow and Cardiff are highly experienced, having supported a wide range of clients over many years. We understand that making a Will or dealing with probate can be complicated and emotive, so we offer clear, sensitive advice to make sure all of the details are taken care of the right way.

hpjv solicitors is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for the strength of our practice management and client care. We are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Speak to our Wills & probate solicitors in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow today

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