Making a Will

We spend so much of our adult lives working hard to build a home, a family and the means to support ourselves and our families as comfortably as we can, and yet the very thought of making a Will can be a daunting one for many of us. Some of us tend to think that making a Will is something we can simply put off until we are older, or we think we don’t need a Will simply because we have made incorrect assumptions about what will happen to our property when we pass away.

In fact, recent statistics show that nearly 60% of the adult population of the UK have not made a Will. By making a Will now, you can help your loved ones avoid so much heartache, stress and even financial difficulty later on and you can ensure that everything you own and have worked so hard for throughout your life will be distributed in the way that you want, rather than the way in which it will be distributed by the law if you do not leave a Will. Put simply, if you die without a valid Will, the law (not you or your family) will determine who should receive everything you own.

A professionally written Will is the only way of guaranteeing that everyone will be looked after in the way you want them to be. Here at hpjv, you can be assured of a friendly, professional and sympathetic service, our objective being to tailor your Will to your individual circumstances, thus giving you peace of mind in knowing that your Will is legally valid and that your wishes will be followed.

In fact, we will not only draft your Will for you – we will also ensure the final version is lawfully witnessed and signed and we will safely store the original for you if you want us to. We can also arrange to register your Will on a national Will database.

What type of Will do I need?

We offer three different types of Will, each of which we then tailor to your individual circumstances and wishes to protect you, your family and your assets for the future.



This is our simple, basic Will which provides for:

  • Everything you own being left to one person and/or to all children
  • Plus some specific gifts to specified people
  • Requiring that gifts are only to be received on reaching a specified age
  • A gift to charity
  • Appointing a guardian to take responsibility for any children
  • Funeral wishes
  • Appointing the person you wish to carry out the instructions you left in your Will
  • Free lifetime storage of your Will


This is a more complex Will which includes all the features of the Protector Will together with other features, such as:

  • Gifts, such as your home, limited to a person’s lifetime
  • Ensuring assets go to children of a previous relationship
  • Protecting your assets to avoid them being used for care home fees
  • Excluding people who would normally expect to be included in the Will
  • Providing for on-going care of a person with a disability

Financial Complex Will

We recommend this Will for those of our clients who have more complex financial circumstances. It will include the features of our Simple Will and Complex Will but also safeguards your interests and assets where, for example, you own (or have shares in) a business, you have property abroad or the value of your assets is likely to be above the Inheritance Tax threshold and where more specialized advice is required to minimize the impact of that tax.

How much will it cost for me to make a Will?

Our Simple Will costs not less £120 (exclusive of VAT) and for a couple wanting a double Will we charge not less than £225 (exclusive of VAT). No charge is made for lifetime storage of your Will.

Our Complex Will costs not less than £200 (exclusive of VAT) and for a couple wanting a double Will we charge not less than £385 (exclusive of VAT). No charge is made for lifetime storage of your Will.

Our Financial Complex Will will be charged at an hourly rate (exclusive of VAT). No charge is made for lifetime storage of your Will.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation either by phone or at our offices, to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you need to make a Will and, if so, the type of Will that best suits your needs.

We are able to arrange home and hospital visits at no extra cost (subject to location) for clients with a disability or who would otherwise be unable to attend our offices.


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