Notable Cases


R v C and C.

Trial with cut throat defence where one co-defendant (W) was seeking to blame C and C along with a fourth co-defendant. Following trial, the jury convicted W of murder. C and C along with the fourth co-defendant faced a re-trial for manslaughter. They were acquitted when Judge upheld submission of no case to answer following the conclusion of the prosecution case.

R v M.

Murder of partner, child and mother in law by deliberately setting fire to their house in Cwmbran. The trial involved expert evidence as to causation of the fire and the path of it once set and whether the design of the local authority property contributed to the cause of death.

Drug Offences

Operation Broadus.

National organised drug supply case aimed at tackling the supply of class A drugs from a hub in Liverpool, throughout the East and West of Scotland, South Wales and the South West of England. The case involved covert surveillance and electronic evidence. The focus of the operation was on a Liverpudlian millionaire who was alleged to have been using a number of businesses as a front for the illegal supply of class A drugs.  No less than 6 separate organised crime groups (OCG’s) were investigated comprising more than 20 individual co-conspirators. The whole conspiracy involved the supply of tens of kilogrammes of class A drugs with a street value well into the millions of pounds. After a three and a half month trial in Liverpool, B was acquitted of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Operation Hallett.

Conspiracy to supply cannabis – 186kg of cannabis seized. The operation, was managed by the Welsh Regional Organised Crime Unit. Officers also seized 88kg of amphetamine worth £1.96m as well as a sawn-off shotgun, cartridges and a stun gun from a house in Ystrad Rhondda and £1.2 million in cash.

Operation Mint.

Conspiracy to supply class A drugs. The case involved the targeting of an OCG based in Blaenau Gwent. Sophisticated police tactics were employed including listening devices as well as observation evidence. The case involved the seizure of 24 kilos of cocaine and 33 kilos of mephedrone (class B) with a combined street value of around £7.5 million. This was the largest ever seizure seen by Gwent police. We successfully argued the case to a guilty plea to Class B drugs supply on a single occasion which resulted in D receiving a short custodial sentence.

Operation Wheel.

An operation to tackle large scale organised class A drug supply in the area of Pill, here in Newport. Its initial focus was based upon two streets in question and the activities of an individual. As a result of police observation, it soon became clear that a number of other individuals were used by the head of the OCG to sell their drugs in the area. Much of the evidence came from phone traffic with a specific drugs line which was said to be used by the OCG to service customers. We successfully argued a G plea to a supply of Class B drug on a single occasion. This removed A from the Class A drug conspiracy. Suspended term of imprisonment imposed.

Fraud Offences

R v J.

J faced a multiple count indictment containing offences under the Fraud Act 2006 as well as the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. It was alleged that an online investment scheme was being run by J without the necessary FCA authority and caused a loss to multiple investors in the region of just over a quarter of a million pounds.  The case involved hpjv instructing forensic accountants as well as ensuring a full understanding of the online systems, investment scheme and the necessary financial regulations that applied to the matter. Following negotiations during trial, J eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser indictment resulting in a reduced sentence. This case further involved contested Proceeds of Crime proceedings where again expert forensic accountant evidence was relied on by the Defence.   

Operation Aphrodite.

An eight defendant fraud involving numerous companies that were alleged to have been set up purely to commit fraud by obtaining machinery and vehicles on finance and thereafter absconding. This was a complex fraud valued at close to £1 million, prosecuted by the South Wales Organised Crime Unit. It involved alleged false business and identity documents and terabytes of electronic evidence from phones and both personal and business computers. One defendant was in custody for other matters and the prosecution sought to rely on the recording of the prison telephone conversations. Following detailed analysis of electronic evidence, the Crown agreed to formally offer no evidence against W on day four of trial.

R v C.

Operation Bolivar consisted of a four defendant case with cross jurisdictional issues between Bermuda and the United Kingdom. It was alleged £1.3 million had been stolen from the Bermudan government and laundered in the United Kingdom through the purchase of numerous properties. We represented C, an independent financial advisor, who was alleged to have conspired to convert criminal proceeds within the United Kingdom. The case involved consideration of terabytes of electronic evidence seized from both the UK and Bermuda. Witnesses were flown in from Bermuda to give evidence along with video link set up for others. The first trial was abandoned and following a second trial, C was acquitted of all money laundering counts.

R v G.

Multi handed fraud and misconduct in public office involving the payment of Housing Benefit by a local authority employer. G was jointly charged with a local landlord who was said to have benefitted by their relationship. We successfully argued with the prosecution, part way through trial, that they had difficulties in their case. The Crown thereafter accepted a guilty plea to a lesser offence which resulted in the imposition of a conditional discharge.

R v B and K.

A case involving multiple defendants who are said to have assisted or benefited from the production and use of false documents to facilitate applications to the Home Office for leave to remain in the UK. This case was complicated by a people trafficking element.

Sex Offences

R v T.

Successful defence of defendant charged with Rape upon ex-partner. The case involved both allegations of vaginal and anal rape where apparent admissions were made in text messages discovered by the police. T was acquitted at trial.

R v T.

Successful defence concerning allegations of historical rape upon step daughter over many years. Whilst the case itself involved only one complainant, it had more far reaching consequences due to T’s position of trust as a youth worker and karate teacher. Acquitted after trial.

R v N.

Historical sexual abuse between 1978 and 2006 against 10 individual victims involving 36 separate counts. Following 1st trial jury acquitted N of a number of matters and could not agree on the remaining counts. N faced a re-trial on 9 counts involving 2 victims. This was a complex trial involving both lead and junior counsel.

R v S.

S was charged with multiple counts of rape on his ex-partner. There was no forensic evidence and the Crown based its case on electronic evidence as to the location of S and the complainant at relevant times. Late disclosure of telephone evidence changed the case and detailed analysis meant material evidence was ultimately placed before the Jury. The case required an interpreter and following a trial heard at Chelmsford Crown Court, S was acquitted of all matters.

Other Offences

R v C.

Aggravated burglary case where C was part of a group that broke into a house and threatened the occupant with weapons. He received a sentence of 7 years 3 months. We were able to successfully apply to the Court of Appeal that the sentence was manifestly excessive and the sentence was reduced to 6 years 9 months. Whilst his was not a significant reduction in terms of time it meant that as the sentence was now below 6 years, C would only serve half in custody rather than 2/3 years.

R v W

W was said to be involved in a large scale disturbance on the roof of a disused property. Bystanders witnessed the parties in possession of weapons including a metal chain. It was alleged that W had, during the course of the altercation, bitten the victims face causing a large wound to the victims forehead. W was charged with s18 wounding with intent. Following a NG plea and further negotiations with the crown W pleaded G to a public order matter. This resulted in a short custodial sentence measured in months – W had previously expected to receive upwards of 10yrs in prison.

R v O

O was initially arrested for attempted murder. The allegation being that he had entered the V home and stabbed him repeatedly (with an unknown implement) causing him life threatening injuries. The V was hospitalised with a collapsed lung as well as other fractures and wounds. Following successful negotiation with the prosecution O pleaded G to unlawful wounding.

R v R.

Death by dangerous driving. An unusual case involving lengthy periods of dangerous driving which led to multiple collisions over a 12 mile journey fuelled by class A drug use. R was said to have collided with no less than 7 vehicles on his route, although many other road users reported his poor driving. Whilst the case was based in part on witness testimony it also involved the use of dash cam and CCTV evidence.

R v G and E.

Conspiracy to burgle involving the targeting of high value vehicles from dwellings.  In the absence of forensics much of the evidence was based upon mobile phone and cell site analysis

R v D and G.

Very serious allegations of robbery within the victim’s home. Both victims were GP’s and were targeted for cash, high value jewellery and gold. It is said that goods in the region of £100k were stolen. During the incident, the victims were tied up and pillow cases were placed over their heads. One victim was left with permanent brain injury and unable to continue to work as GP. Case drew much public attention due to knock on effect on separate case involving the victim.

R v D.

Death by careless driving. D was a bus driver who knocked over and killed an elderly pedestrian. We instructed expert witnesses to assess the driving standard of D and the accident as the journey was recorded on the local transport CCTV. D was acquitted after trial.


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