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“The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we all believe that we are above-average drivers!”

Most of us spend our whole lives without ever having to come in to contact with the police or the criminal courts. Unfortunately, however, statistics show that we are much more likely, at some point in our lives, to find ourselves on the receiving end of a notice from the police or a court summons for a road traffic offence. With increasing use of technology by the police, it is now more common to be accused of a road traffic offence than it has been in the past. That trend is unlikely to change in the future.

How valuable is your driving licence to you?

These days, there are many motoring offences on the statute book that carry the risk of penalty points or disqualification. For many of us, a conviction for a motoring offence can be disastrous, with consequences such as increased insurance premiums, loss of job, family and friends who rely on us affected, sometimes the need to take a new driving test and even the prospect of a prison sentence for the most serious motoring offences, such as dangerous driving, repeated drink driving, and driving while disqualified.

Whilst motoring law is one of the most common areas of law involving the criminal courts, it is often the most complicated and can, of course, have a massive impact upon those involved.  We, at hpjv solicitors, understand how valuable your driving licence is to you and our role is to ensure that a proactive defence is put forward for you with a view to ensuring that you achieve the best realistic outcome in the circumstances of the offence alleged against you.

We deal with the full spectrum of road traffic offences: speeding offences, failing to provide driver’s information to the police, drink or drug drive offences, mobile phone use, dangerous driving, death or injury caused by driving, and so the list goes on. We are also able to work with, and regularly work with,  corporate and business clients in relation to alleged offences committed by their employees in company vehicles – offences in relation to tachographs, vehicle overloading, and the like.

Where expert evidence is needed, we work very closely with tried and tested experts in the fields of drug and alcohol analysis, road traffic investigators and mechanics to ensure that everything possible is done in each case to advance the best defence possible for each client. 

Where our examination of the facts and circumstances of your case reveal that there is no defence available, our work does not stop there.  We are experts in damage limitation and will proactively, on your behalf, advance special reasons or exceptional hardship arguments to avoid or reduce any disqualification that would ordinarily follow. We are also experienced in securing the return of vehicles that may have been seized by prosecuting authorities.

How much will representation cost me?

If you are to be interviewed at a police station for a suspected motoring offence, we can provide you with free legal aid regardless of the seriousness or complexity of the offence or of your financial circumstances.  For court proceedings, legal aid is only likely to be available if the offence is a serious one, such as dangerous driving, driving while disqualified or, repeated drink driving offences, or if your case involves a complex point of law.  Legal aid for court is also means tested. We will advise you as to your eligibility for legal aid. If legal aid is not available, then we can explore the availability of other types of funding, typically an insurance policy. In the absence of this, we will provide a bespoke cost estimate which will often comprise of a fixed fee for the entire case.

You may decide to shop around so that you can compare prices, only to find that there is not a great difference in prices between one firm of solicitors and another. We would like to think, and certainly our clients tell us so, that we stand out from the crowd because, not only do we offer experience, a professional service and competitive prices, but because we are friendly, approachable, and put our clients’ interests right at the forefront of our business.

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