Complex Crime Solicitors in Newport

Complex crime invariably involves serious criminal allegations such as those found in multi-handed homicide matters, multi-agency or cross-border drug trafficking investigations, complex fraud or evasion of revenue prosecutions. These cases may not just be complicated, they may also be national or even international in scope and will often be very high profile. Hpjv solicitors regularly represent both individual and corporate clients in these types of cases both in Wales and further afield.

Our notable cases demonstrate that we have the knowledge, expertise and capacity to deal with these cases no matter where in the country they may be. We have the structure to allow us to manage long running cases throughout the South Wales Courts and even further afield, whether in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham or elsewhere.

Such is our expertise that we were one of only a few hundred practices throughout England and Wales to be awarded a “Very High Costs Case Panel” contract with the Legal Aid Agency. This was a panel of the most elite firms entrusted to deal with cases of the highest complexity.

We are able to provide advice on Legal Aid funding for these types of cases, and, where Legal aid is not available, we will provide detailed costs advice, often by providing a competitive fixed fee quote for the entire retainer. We appreciate that any involvement in the criminal justice system is going to be highly stressful for most people, and, we aim to make the costs side of things as manageable and stress-free as possible so that we can concentrate our efforts on working with our clients to prepare and present the best available defence.  

Our clients come from every walk of life – from those with no previous involvement in the criminal justice system to business and other professionals who have never been in trouble before and have got themselves entangled in a situation where they never intended to fall foul of the complexities of our laws. Many clients are referred to us as business or commercial clients of law firms that do not deal with this type of work. Not only can we represent individuals who have fallen foul of our complex laws – we are more than happy to represent corporate bodies too.

Whether the case is national, international or involves one or more prosecuting agencies, we strive to provide the strongest, most pro-active defence available for each of our clients.

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If you are facing the possibility of criminal proceedings in a Magistrates Court or Crown Court or need advice about an interview you have had, or are about to have, with the police, the DWP, Trading Standards (or any other prosecuting agency), contact us today for a free, no obligation, friendly chat with one of our team in Newport or Chepstow. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you may find some peace of mind.


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