hpjv solicitors continue to have success in Court

Just this week our experts in the Criminal Law department successfully defended another client who argued that they had consumed alcohol post driving and as such would have been below the limit at the time they were behind the wheel. Our detailed preparation of the case involved obtaining a forensic toxicology report which accurately calculated the alcohol consumed and was used to contradict the evidential breath test reading given to the police. Following a lengthy trial where police officers were cross examined by one of our advocates the court properly found our client not guilty.

In another case this week, we successfully argued that evidence should be excluded due to very late disclosure in a case against the police. The matter was listed for trial and following ongoing delays by the Prosecution we were able to argue that not only should the delay not be tolerated, but that the evidence should be excluded. This meant that the case was dismissed.

In another case this week, we successfully argued at trial that a victim of domestic violence had been forced to commit criminal acts and was therefore acting under duress and not guilty of theft. Our expert advocates made successful disclosure applications for ancillary evidence as to the domestic violence and were able to rely on it at trial. This convinced the court that our client was in fact a victim of controlling behaviour and not acting criminally through their own choice.

If you are facing Criminal Investigation or Proceedings our involvement could be the difference in the outcome of your matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01633 242526

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