Crime victims 'hesitant' to report them over court delays

Scott Bowen, who is one of our Criminal Defence Solicitors has said a crime reported today might involve a 12 to 18-month delay before a decision is made to charge. It could then be another year before it comes to crown court.

Read all about it here A victim of crime says some people are put off reporting incidents because of delays in getting justice.

More than 57,000 trials are yet to be heard in crown courts across England and Wales due to a backlog made worse by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is despite investment by the UK government to reduce the backlog.

One Welsh police force has set up a unit to help the growing number of people waiting for justice and reduce pressure on the 101 phone service.

Scott Bowen , who is one of our  Criminal Defence Solicitors  has said a crime reported...
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Our director Scott Bowen who is one of our Criminal Defence Solicitors has been interviewed by...
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